When shopping for water systems, many consumers are very familiar with the Culligan name. That name does not always mean you are getting the best system on the market. Many large companies take ordinary water system valves, make proprietary changes and then sell them as their own invention. Our prices can sometimes be half of what many large companies sell systems for. Please take a look at one of our recent experiences with Culligan in the Southern California areas. Below you will see before and after pictures of why we stand apart from the large national companies.

This customer has a 5 acre horse property, large home, and guest house. The water problem here is high iron. Culligan’s solution was to install a residential sized iron filter and softener at the well.

Before SoCal Water:


Problem # 1: We cannot install a softener to feed 5 acres of landscaping, pool, homes,and horse stalls. Salt usage would be extremely expensive. Soft water is also not recommended for irrigation use due to excess sodium levels. A residential sized softener was used by Culligan. For a application of this nature a light commercial sized system would be needed if possible.

Problem # 2: The iron filters used were extremely undersized. When this customer had irrigation running, it would trickle out.

Problem # 3: The incoming pipe size for this well is a 2″ pvc line. The Culligan systems reduced that size down to 1″ if not smaller at the actual connector ports of the system. This is what contributed to problem #2 although tank and media sizing have much to do with flow rates as well.

Problem # 4: Very shoddy installation. Pipes were propped up on a board and the iron filter discharge line was just dumping high iron water on the ground right at the systems. This is clearly shown in the pictures.

After SoCal Water: